Pocket Listings Atlanta

        Test the Atlanta real estate market, privately!
Pocket Listings Atlanta offers discreet exposure to metro Atlanta home sellers and fantastic purchasing opportunities for metro Atlanta home buyers! 


     Have you thought about buying or selling a home in metro Atlanta? If so, Pocket Listings Atlanta should be your first stop. As you may be aware, the Atlanta real estate market is heating up and with it, is home traffic.

      As a prospective home seller, you probably want to get a fair price for your home with as little inconvenience and foot traffic as possible. Additionally, you may want to limit the amount of information that is disseminated about your potential home sale for various reasons. Pocket Listings Atlanta is a 30-60 day affordable full service real estate program offered by Southern Disposition, LLC that allows you to potentially sell your home in this fashion. Your home is not listed in the multiple listing services during this "Trial" period but instead is marketed, without exposing your address, on our web site, and to social media sites, pocket listing networks, investment groups, and to qualified prospective purchasers that we have accrued over the past 19 years of being in real estate. Additionally, real estate agents that follow our social media campaign are welcome to cooperate in the sale, as well. Should a pre-qualified purchaser express interest in seeing your home, we will arrange a discreet showing at your convenience. Click on the "Sellers" link to learn more about this fantastic new home selling option!

      If you've been considering purchasing a home in metro Atlanta, we're sure you have run into some frustrating road-blocks during your home search. A lack of adequate housing inventory to choose from, homes selling once they hit the market, competing with numerous other buyers and investors in multiple offer situations, all can be disenchanting and disheartening. Pocket Listings Atlanta may be the answer you've been looking for! Once you have registered as a preferred metro Atlanta home buying member, you will be privy to our growing collection of pocket listings in the metro Atlanta area that have yet to hit the market. Additionally, you will be able to browse for homes as soon as they hit the market. This free membership could possibly give you a leg-up and first crack at a wonderful new home! Click our "Buyers" link for additional information on becoming a Pocket Listings Atlanta member!