Pocket Listings Atlanta

        Test the Atlanta real estate market, privately!
Pocket Listings Atlanta gives metro Atlanta builders and investors an affordable way to sell their properties and generate desirable MLS statistics.


     Pocket Listings Atlanta Investor Renovating


     By utilizing Pocket Listings Atlanta, metro Atlanta home builders now have an affordable and innovative way to market and sell their spec homes. During the "Pre-Marketing Stage", your spec homes will be advertised on our website and to social media sites, pocket listing networks, investment groups, and to qualified prospective purchasers that we have accrued over the past 19 years of being in real estate. A sign placed at the property is an option, as well. Additionally, real estate agents that follow our social media campaign are welcome to cooperate in the sale (a 2% cooperating commission is offered). Should a pre-qualified purchaser express interest in seeing your home, we will arrange a showing or consultation with you.

      Pocket Listings Atlanta gives a builder time to present site plans, renditions, features, and photos of progress to prospective purchasers while the construction process continues. All the while, your days on market are not being recorded. A speculative pricing strategy can be attempted, as well, with minimal MLS documentation.  As you near completion and have been able to adjust the price (if needed) to a competitive range that attracts attention, we will transition to the "Marketing" stage and your property will be listed in the MLS to get additional exposure and, hopefully, a rapid contract. This can result in desirable MLS statistics for your project and subdivision! Should the property receive an acceptable offer during the pre-marketing period and no additional marketing is needed, a reasonable commission of 4% would be due at closing. If the property reaches the "Marketing" stage and is listed in the MLS, a 2.5% commission would be offerred to a cooperating broker and a total commission of 5% would be due at closing.

     Pocket Listings Atlanta is ideal for Atlanta real estate investors, too! While renovating a previously occupied or recently acquired home, investors can pre-market a job in progress to create interest in it. All along, we create a comprehensive social media campaign that stirs up a buzz that can potentially generate a buyer, prior to completion. Price testing allows the investor to dabble a bit without being penalized in the MLS. Additionally, days on market are not recorded while in the pre-marketing stage. Your renovated and price-tested home can then be listed in the MLS, if need be, so that you can hit the ground running.